Review: 7 Steps to Health & The Big Diabetes Lie Is A SCAM

7 Steps to Health & The Big Diabetes Lie by the so-called International Council For Truth in Medicine (ICTM) is nothing but a viral, long-running, unchecked scam by an identity thief! Contra Health Scam has uncovered a long list of evidence backing up this verdict and I’m 100% sure that they are more than enough to make you stay away from this product!

Formerly known as DisarmDiabetes.com, the ICTM website, according to WHOis.net, was created in January 2013 by someone from Queensland, Australia. It is hawking a 500+ page eBook that claims to have information that big pharmaceutical companies are allegedly hiding from people with diabetes. It claims to be partners with NaturalNews.com, a news website known for advocating against the use of synthetic chemicals on foodstuff and drugs.

However, don’t be deceived by the fake reviews by greedy affiliates trying to earn Clickbank commissions. The Big Diabetes Lie is a scam and below is the list of evidence:

1. ICTM Does NOT Exist!

Do a search of ICTM or ‘International Council for Truth In Medicine’ using any search engine and you’ll see that it is not a registered medical organization and is not mentioned in any authority medical portals. The only places it is mentioned are on affiliate blogs marketing The Big Diabetes Lie and the website itself.

2. The ‘Creator’ of ICTM is An Identity Thief!

‘Dr. Max Sidorov,’ the supposed founder and leader of ICTM, does NOT exist! The owner of this scam stole the identity of Max Sidorov, a 29-year old Ukrainian-born nutritionist living in Toronto, Canada. Sidorov made headlines in 2012 after helping to raise over $700k for an old woman who was bullied by a bunch of school boys in a bus. This brazen scammer actually put a ‘Max in the News’ section on his website linking to the news articles, essentially claiming that he was the one who helped the old woman!

Meanwhile, the real Sidorov has profiles on Facebook and Twitter, and both do not mention ICTM or The Big Diabetes Lie.

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